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Low-alcoholic cocktails

A few last years all more frequent and more frequent on the streets of cities young people (many of which obviously minor) began to appear with the variegated jars in a hand. These jars contain not beer, not lemonade and not juice. In them is low-alcoholic power drink. Restorative matters enter in the complement of this original cocktail, more frequent than all caffeine, alcohol, great number of different chemical taste additions and flavours.

Low-alcoholic cocktail Jaguar

Treachery of low-alcoholic cocktails consists that they initially oriented on the youth group of population. Colouring of container, both taste qualities and advertising of cocktails talks about it.

The exceptional danger of such drinks consists that they do not cause protective vomitive reflex for teenagers (as vodka), and does not have a primordial repellent taste (as beer).

In an order to crush down protective vomitive reflex an ethyl spirit is hidden in them after the screen of other taste additions and addition of carbon dioxide.

Taste of apple, lemon, grapefruit, aeration - are all of them mask taste of alcohol and form a stereotype for a teenager, as though a low-alcoholic cocktail differs little what from ordinary aerated low-alcoholic drinks. Accordingly, gradually a cocktail replaces ordinary drinks and serves already simply for appeasing of thirst.

The content of alcohol in such cocktails hesitates from 5 to 12 percents, that puts them in one row with a knock-down. In other words, one half-litre jar, for example Jean-Tonick, is equated with 0,70 litre light beer or to 50-80 grammes of vodka. And many teenagers drink for 4-5 such jars for evening. Every day. Month after a month. Thus, unnoticed for a teenager, formed at first psychical, and through year or two years physical dependence on an alcohol.

But an alcohol is not unique striking factor in a low-alcoholic cocktail. After their mass market entry the amount of teenagers was sharply increased on receptions in the gastroenterology separations of policlinics. Reason is problems with a pancreas or, speaking a medical language, pancreatitis, which is caused all of those chemical taste additions, flavours and preservative which are contained in a cocktail. Buds and liver strongly suffer also.

Another dangerous substance in a power low-alcoholic cocktail is a caffeine. There is so much caffeine in one jar of cocktail, how many the cup of strong natural coffee contains. That is, at the use of two-three jars of drink in the flow of one hour, the cardiovascular system begins to work in the mode of overloads, that extremely adversely affect its state.

Lately a few enthralling documentary movies, based on the results of researches about influence of alcohol in general and low-alcoholic cocktails in particular, are made in Russia, on the organism of teenagers. Some of these films are accessible for a download on our site.

Be sober and healthy!

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