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The alcohol's influence on the vision

It would seem what may be common between the eye disease and alcohol? Why does ophthalmologist suddenly touch upon the problem of alcoholism? This is nothing, however, unexpected. Unfortunately, often, too often reveals the link between addiction to alcohol and loss of vision, communication is the most direct and immediate.

Alcohol impairs vision

How much mother feels grief, when suddenly finds that her child is blind or suffers from a congenital deformity eye! Partial or complete lack of eyelids, fusing them with the cornea, corneal opacities or hypoplasia, defects in the iris, the correct position and cataract, macular hypoplasia, optic nerve ... In the development of the vision similar defects usually occur in children whose parents were drunk during pregnancy or the mother drinking alcohol, being pregnant.

The greatest harm inflicted such alcoholic beverages like vodka, the spirit. Especially if they enter the body of the developing embryo in the first three months of pregnancy.

Eye begins to form very early. Already in the third week, when the embryo reaches a length of only three millimeters, formed the primary optic vesicles are connected with the cavity of the brain. At the sixth week appear lens, and other highly differentiated tissues and structures of the eyeball are formed.

When the embryo develops in the mother, the brain rapidly increases in volume that has the highest visual center in the cortex. Alcoholic poison, getting to the body of a pregnant, with the blood penetrates into the brain of the embryo, so it can cause irreparable harm.

We have seen babies who were completely absent eyeballs, or instead had small lumps of tissue. Their mothers during pregnancy often and for long hours drink vodka, wine and beer.

The fact that congenital malformations of the vision are mainly associated with the consumption of alcoholic drinks, talk and experiments on animals. If the food of pregnant females admixture of alcohol, vodka, wine, the cubs are born weaker and often with different deformities of the vision. Add to seawater, which contains the germ of some fish, even trace amounts of alcohol contributes to the development of their cyclopia (one-eyed).

It is particularly important to emphasize that the doctor, unfortunately, not able to help children suffering from congenital disorders of view, as under the influence of alcoholic beverages the eyes have already taken place severe irreversible changes.

With sadness, we can see how hard it is transferred to the mother having a baby with a variety of deformities, often accompanied by complete blindness or visual impairment. Meanwhile, the development of these lesions in most cases can be prevented. For this we need only to pregnant women do not drink alcohol even in the most solemn holidays.

Maybe alcohol is dangerous only for the children’s vision, so adults can not be afraid of the consequences of heavy alcohol their addiction to? Unfortunately, many people think so. Absolutely to no purpose! Alcohol does not spare the eyes of adults.

On disease of the optic nerves, caused by alcohol, indicates unsharp increasing with time of reduction. Gradually, people began to notice that in low light or at dusk sees better than during the day. Sometimes, the sight of both eyes is so reduced that to five-meter distance is not possible to distinguish large letters in the first row for the study of visual acuity.

Alcoholics have the so-called positive scotoma - a defect of sight, which is found very easily. If a patient looks one eye at the brightly lit piece of paper, then put his hand in the face and removes it, on a light background of the illuminated leaf, he sees the yellow, black or gray spot oval. It is stored for a few seconds and then disappears. In the fundus of the patient's physician often finds blanching of the optic nerve is associated with loss of nerve fibers.

We have repeatedly observed a significant improvement in vision, loss of positive scotomas due to the complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages. Usually vision improves in people who have influenced alcohol had not yet arisen gross changes in the optic nerves.

Let the drunkard in a sober hour to think about the warnings of the expert, based on bitter truths.

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