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Holiday and alcohol

One of the steadiest and most destructive alcoholic stereotypes, that exists in consciousness of the russians since olden times, is persuasion: A happy holiday is impossible without the use of strong waters: beer, wine, vodka.

Holiday and alcohol

This «happy» stereotype has found the reflection in numerous songs and saying:

«Ouch, wine, wine, wine! It gives to us for pleasure!»
         «Wine is cheered by youth, strengthens maturity, warms old age»
         «Vodka is for the people health and for the fun table talk» and many other...

More over, an alcohol is presented as an independ attribute of happy pastime in the modern advertisement. That is indeed so actually. However the producers of alcohol don’t to advertise true reason of this independence.

So, is a happy holiday possible without swizzles? And if it’s possible, why does swingeing majority of people in happy holidays drink anyway? It is necessary to acknowledge for more complete understanding of question, that alcohol not only enters organism from outside and also produced an organism just a little. Such alcohol is named endogenous. He is synthesized in the lower departments of gastroenteric highway and participates in endocellular exchange processes. About 10-12 grammes of clean alcohol are produced in a human organism for 24 hours. However an internal alcohol does not show the toxic properties, because it operates in connection with some other substances.

Important properties of endogenous alcohol it is been his participating in the processes of synthesis of endorphine (hormones of happiness) and power exchange at cellular level. In other words an internal alcohol is determined the even emotional state, good mood, cheerfulness and clarity of thought in a healthy man.

There is metabolic disease when the alcohol is received from outside, and making of internal alcohol is oppressed over a long period of time. The Doctor of of Medicine, deserved doctor the Russian Federation Grigor'ev G.E., considers when you use a one glass of champagne it is diminished a making of endogenous alcohol on 20 percents approximately on a month. And an organism will require a new dose alcoholic all this month to compensate for a deficiency in internal alcohol.

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