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Alcoholism. First stage.

The medical point of view, alcoholism - is insuperable and out-of-control appetence to the alcohol, conditioned the caused psychophysical dependence on it and showing reason of wide spectrum of psychical disorders and changes personality.

Appetence to the alcohol - is the first stage of alcoholism

Considerable time with alcoholism was equated also term «drunkenness», considering that drunkard is a man though dependency upon an alcohol, but he being not an alcoholic. However, in the last release of international classification of illnesses, term drunkenness was excluded from the list of diseases.

Alcoholism de bene esse is subdivided into 3 stages, each of htem we will consider in our articles.

It is needed to acknowledge that alcoholics of the third stage each of us sees unoften. It is ordinary dirty, going down people, fully degrading in all respects.

From the prophylactic point of view, they carry even some benefit to society are passers-by and, especially, children, catching sight such full-fledged alcoholic begin to reflect about the negative consequences of the using alcohol. Although, prophylactic value such here «half living» examples yields under the pressure of the daily advertising of beer, wine, low-alcoholic cocktails and other swizzles, that extremely intensified the problem of the mass using alcohol in modern Russia.

For today from data of ministry of health of Russia, regularly 90 percents of habitants of country use an alcohol. From them more than 80 percents have the first stage of alcoholism already. By the way, this number without considerable adjustments it is possible to project on many other countries of aftersoviet space.

«It can not be true» - many will object. Is it impossible to become an alcoholic «in a civilized manner» drinking more than one times at week? However much it is narrow-minded opinion. And there are some definitions that doctors follow:

The first stage of alcoholism is characterized the followings signs:

1. Origin of appetence to the alcohol.
      Appetence to the alcohol is easily looked over, that is named, by the «naked eye». A dependent man has an increase of mood in anticipation of drinking-bout and presence some discomfort at its absence. The splashes of appetence to the alcohol are usually caused different holidays, «measures» and etc. That by the presence of occasion...

2. Decline of control above the amount of had a drink.
      If in the beginning of alcoholic «practice» person is able easily to control the amount of the used alcohol and keeps indoors after scopes easy intoxication, in case of occurring of the first stage of alcoholism this control weakens. All more frequent and more frequent than person begins to get drunk to the middle and heavy stage, that is direct way to the second stage dependence.

3. Increase of alcohol’s portability.
      A basic symptom of such enhanceable portability is a loss of protective vomitive reflex. By the way, at diagnosticating of alcoholism, this sign is one of basic at a decision-making.

By the additional, but not obligatory sign of the first stage of alcoholism, there are also failures in memory after abundant libations.

Finding out for yourself any of foregoing symptoms - thoughtful: where does this path lead to?

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