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Alcoholism. Second stage.

The second stage of alcoholism develops through three-five years after the first and can last all of remaining life (certainly, if will not pass to the third).

A hangover - is a sign of the second stage of alcoholism

By the most bright sign of the beginning second stage, along with strengthening of already present symptoms (disappearance of vomitive reflex, loss of control after an amount had a drink and etc), there is appearance of abstinent syndrome. Put it bluntly - hangover.

A hangover is the state of organism after the strong poisoning his ethyl spirit (by an alcohol) and products of it further disintegration. An abstinent syndrome is characterized nausea, vomiting, by dryness in the mouth (dehydrating of organism), by extreme receptivity to light and noise, pains in different parts of organism and other signs of intoxication.

In addition, a hangover, traditionally perceived with leniency, on occasion can result in very serious consequences - protracted hard drinking, violations of work of cns (convulsive attacks, hallucinations, attacks of «delirium tremens») and even problems with the cardiovascular system that carry a direct threat life.

There is another sign of the second stage of alcoholism - an alcohol is built into metabolism and, thus, physical dependence is formed on it. Now a man drinks not in an order to enjoy, but in an order to take off a fatigue, apathy and depressed mood in which an alcoholic is the most of the time.

For an alcoholic, being on the second stage of alcoholism, an alcohol is pulled out into leading places in the list of vital priorities, and work, family, children and friends are moved aside on the second plan. Otherwise speaking, life without an alcohol begins to seem senseless.

On this stage of disease it is still possible to give up to drink. And it is succeeded some, especially on a background appearing problems with a health and personal life. However the quite necessary condition of final recovery from alcoholism is a complete and emphatic waiver of drinking-bout, as a reception of any dose of alcohol practically inevitably will result in the relapse of disease in more heavy form.

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