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Alcoholism. Third stage.

The basic distinguishing feature of the third stage of alcoholism are alcoholic defeats of almost all of person’s organs, including the liver that is responsible for neutralization of alcoholic poison. Exactly because a liver can not anymore get along at the task, on the last stage of illness to the alcoholic is enough minimum dose of alcohol for achievement of strong intoxication, even one glass of vodka or glass of wine (although in glasses he does not drink it already a long ago).

Third stage of alcoholism

The waiver of alcohol on the third stage results in the heaviest abstinent syndrome. Exactly on this account, alcoholics on this stage are forced to use alcoholic constantly, by small doses (every two-three hours for a 50-80 grammes of strong alcohol). Thus, they round-the-clock are in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Such state can proceed long months and even years.

In connection with that an drunkard almost constantly is in a state of the hard drinking, weigh his organism works at full stretch. The drunkard’s cerebral (brain) cortexat is practically blasted, that is a reason of his mental degradation. Cynicism, aggression, spite, absence of shame and self-respect are consequences of alcoholic degradation of brain.

Alcoholic attacks and psychoses, the attacks of «delirium tremens» appear all more frequent and more frequent. The mind goes out gradually. A patient loses ability to execute works, requiring the presences of the developed thought or memory. Only now and then he can earn additionally on valid for one occasion mechanical works, but all rarer and rarer.

In connection with ruinous influence of alcohol on all of the organism’s systems immunity at alcoholics is practically absent on the last stage. The great number of new illnesses appears and the old are intensifyed.

The third stage of alcoholism lasts from 2 to 5 years and in completion its drunkard perishes. More frequent than all reasons of death are a stop of heart or critical diseases of other internalss. The cases of suicide and deaths are not uncommon from supercooling in a winter period.

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