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Why does a child or teenager has a desire to taste an alcohol? An answer for this question not so is difficult, as seems. In fact an alcohol is accompanied by majority from us from birth.

Drunk schoolgirl

We will pass a way from birth of child to the first alcoholic problems together:


A dad, having a drink glass of champagne (at least) concerning birth son, takes on hands his baby. A kid feels dad's love, warm and caress, he feels cosy and comfortably, but at the same time he feels the steams of alcohol that are issued from his dad. Pavlovian reflex is here formed - if it is smelled alcohol, it will be good, warmly and comfortably.


During family holidays there are many different colourful bottles with an alcohol on a table.

A mother and dad drink and become more cheerful. Holidays are accompanied gifts, merriment, glad moments for a child. A stereotype is formed - if there are bottles with an alcohol on a table, it means a holiday. And as you know children like holidays.


A teenager aspires to self-affirmation at school. He wants to be important, to become adult. And he sees “to become adult” as to do everything that it is impossible for children. In our case it is to drink an spirituous liquors. Parents don’t allow drinking for their children, however they drink themselves! Moreover TV sets repeat over and over again constantly, that the «real» life without the vial of beer is impossible. And a teenager tastes an alcohol at first time repressing vomitive reflex.


Regular using a bottle ofbeer in the companies of senior pupils or students it becomes a habit. When such companies drink swizzles in the parks and on the streets, it becomes an example for children, which see that grown-up “uncles” drink. There are problems with a health in this period by children: dysbacteriosis, initial stages of beer alcoholism, metabolic disturbances. And it is the beginning only.

And over the years, creating the families, these boys/girls will take on his/her hands babies and breathe on them by alcoholic steam over and over. And yet in ten years surprised suddenly, why do their children drink?

A circle was locked.

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