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Consequences of woman alcoholism (part 1)

The consequences of woman alcoholism (the nearest and remote, direct and indirect) are various and extremely unfavorable.

Family problems

Direct investigation of alcoholism is worsening of health and decline of capacity, native pathological alteration of personality, a patient, alcoholic interest, appetence, becomes as a result motive force of behavior and reasons of activity in the systematized alcoholizing, aspiring to acquisition of swizzles. Caring about family, children and near people, work, other interests move aside on the second plan or lost quite. There is alteration of the so-called hierarchy of reasons of behavior. Pathology of internalss, different complications, grows side by side with this, up to the risk of premature death from alcoholic intoxication or other disease, that undermines the weak volitional resources of personality finally.

The direct consequence of drunkenness and alcoholism of woman can be disintegration of family, worsening of her material position and terms of education of children. Presently through fault of woman drunkenness and alcoholism over 20% broad patterns are accomplished. For the same reason quite often dead and nonviable children, children, give birth with rough cerebral defects and different deformities («alcoholic syndrome of child»), with enhanceable instability to the infections, with propensity to the infection in the first days of life. Last years such children quite often perish from a sepsis, infected in the first days after the birth by an in-hospital staphylococcus or by other infection.

Children began often to enter funny houses with the remote medical and social unfavorable consequences of maternal alcoholism. These consequences show up the bad state of health or improper behaviour.

Quite often for parents patient with alcoholism, the children not only the signs of mental excalation but also asocial forms of behavior are peculiar to. Here violations of normal function of cerebrum affect for a child in an antenatal period due to chronic alcoholic intoxication of mother and unfavorable terms of domestic education (drunkenness in family, scandals, neglect of children and etc.). It is investigation of biological and injuring a psyche influence of mother and inducing influence her on a child, and also uncritical printing-down by the child of behavior of parents.

Negative influence is rendered unevenness of attitude toward a child (a caress is a rudeness), aspiration to finish from him (to direct in child's educator establishment, lay on the protracted treatment in a hospital), inadequacy of educator receptions is reproaches, threats, defiant the watchfulness of child, fear and etc. Child growing and brought up in alcoholic family, consciously or unconsciously, freely or involuntarily absorbs the features of domestic atmosphere, behavior of father and mother.

To be continued...

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