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Consequences of woman alcoholism (part 2)

Pays attention on itself circumstance that girls began often to meet with the asocial forms of behavior, literally copying behavior of the patient alcoholism of mother, especially in a sexual sphere is the same drunkenness, the same disorderly sexual connections. For them already in 15-17 it is possible to talk about the fully formed psychopathy with propensity to the systematic use of swizzles, to disorderly sexual connections and other asocial forms of behavior. Here typical example.

Drunk girl

Student of technical school 17 delivered in a funny house from the reanimation separation of municipal hospital after providing of medicare concerning poisoning by medications (accepted 50 pills of elenium), as though with the purpose of suicide. In the period of stay it turned out in a hospital, that against her laid an action on a charge of stealing, storage and sale of stolen, bawdry and prostitution, that she took poison not with the purpose of suicide, and to go away from responsibility. Reported that lived with a mother. A father and mother are patient with alcoholism, some years ago sent. A mother changes work often, continues to drink too much, brings lovers over home, feels free presences of daughter. A patient uses swizzles and smokes from 9-10. At school studied badly, did not prepare to employments, often skipped lessons. Parents both took no notice on her or punished cruelly, from what escaped from home, tramped (spent the night for friends or on the train station). Spent time in the company of the same teenagers. From 12 lives by sexual life. Hardly finished 8 classes, entered technical school, but does not want to study, often skips employments. Reported that in a company tried drugs, but prefers swizzles to that tests appetence and desire to take a drink the morning after. In the drunk state repeatedly cut with the razor of hand (on the left and right forearm a great number of superficial old skin scars is after cuts).

In a separation stuck to freely, independently, sometimes defiantly, rude to the medical personnel, braved the way of life, to change him did not offer intention. Without a constraint told about the numerous intimate connections.

Unfortunately, cases, when daughter in social behavior goes in footsteps of patient with alcoholism mother, became not uncommon. These children (girls and boys) neglected by a mother in the beginning have episodic cares from home, as a reaction of protest, after the use of swizzles and drugs begins on an imitation, sense of indifference and even contempts are formed to the norms of propriety, especially to normal behavior of coevals. Getting in corresponding companies, they lose sense of measure gradually, as a result quite often become offenders.

Note should be taken and on such consequence of woman drunkenness and alcoholism, as nervous and psychical break-downs for adult children as a result of the heavy experiencing and sense of shame before surrounding from socially improper behavior of mother, domestic scandals and etc.

Such are some most widespread consequences of woman drunkenness and alcoholism. They are yet more various in actual fact, numerous and unfavorable. Actually it is hardly possible to find the cases of woman alcoholism, as well as masculine, that would not be accompanied by some unfavorable consequences, since own death from poisoning by the mortal dose of alcohol and ending the broken fate of children, by creation for them pre-conditions (due to alcoholic heredity) for the origin of epilepsy, schizophrenia and other heavy psychical diseases.

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