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Emancipation - as one of reasons of woman alcoholism

In the last decade sharply a question got up about a drunkenness and alcoholism not only among men but also among women. As a result there was a row of thorny medical and social problems that must be decided, because the health of future generations depends on it.

Emancipation - one of reasons of woman alcoholism

Today women are treated for alcoholism and alcoholic psychoses quite often. So, something happened in public consciousness, that in final analysis resulted in «equality» of rights of men and women in the use of swizzles, in smoking and т. of п., and in the environment of girls, especially teenagers, - even to bravado the drunk state, «independence».

To our opinion, the discussions conducted lately about equality of rights of women affect not fundamental questions (about inequality, a waning man can think only psychologically inferiority of women) already, and sometimes far-fetched - sphere of interpersonality relations, внутрисемейных rights and duties (who must wear away, engage in cleaning up and т. of п.), and the generations of young people with parasitic tendencies, many representatives of that want to be «equal» in rights, «free» of domestic duties and even from children, grew as a result.

During previous centuries and millenniums women played an important role in the decision of public and domestic questions. Housekeeping reposed on them, they stood on the guard of domestic traditions, domestically and to the public moral. Women, undoubtedly, were active organizers and participants of different festivals, ritual ceremonies, т. of е. they had a direct relation and to maintenance of alcoholic customs. It should not be supposed that a woman drunkenness is this only generation of our epoch. It goes from the depths of historical development of humanity.

Woman drunkenness and woman alcoholism with medical and social points of view extrahazardous, because woman always and everywhere remains a mother, wet nurse and nursery governess of the children, home-maker, keeper of domestic traditions, domestic hearth. In our society a woman has equal rights with a man, can acquire practically any speciality, have any position and successfully to carry on entrepreneurial activity. At the same time she remains a woman-mother, giving life to the new generations. From her in a considerably greater degree a health depends and prosperity of children is social. For this reason it is necessary especially to guard women from a drunkenness, alcoholism and drug addiction.

It is needed to mark that one of principal reasons of increase of number of cases of woman alcoholism, is circumstance that in many families of girls from little up psychologically influence on hiperemancipation, id est actually on exceptional nature of the position, permissiveness with all effluent from here consequences (sexual lack of discipline, matrimonial infidelity, drunkenness, alcoholism, drug addiction and etc.), freedom from some home-works and worldly duties, on a professional careerism, scornful attitude toward family. And in the total we get the increase of number of be single women of genital age (accordingly number of be single men), lone women-persons with children, divorcee women with children, id est women with the unsettled personal life. The number of smoking and drinking women increases, a birth-rate diminishes. As a result there are new thorny demographic, socially-psychological and medical problems.

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