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Features of woman alcoholism (part 1)

Getting to the swizzles and development of alcoholism used for women takes place the same as and for men. First of all for this purpose systematic character and growth of frequency of the use, reduction of intervals between drinking-bouts and pleasant feeling appear sufficient after the reception of alcohol, desire of reiteration of such states. With most girls such does not take place, what is assisted by antialkoholic principles of education in family and public organization, natural sense of bashfulness, decency and etc. But if these principles are not very much steady, attitude is gradual toward swizzles changes, becomes positive.

Alcoholizing of girls begins as early as school

Beer or even wine is ordinary children can try as early as childhood, and in teens (12-15) to the girls in companies in days birth and other holidays give champagne and dry wines. It is considered harmless and prestige. But the more or less systematic use of swizzles as cocktails, champagne et al arises up after completion of school, with a receipt on studies and care from under permanent control of parents.

Our supervisions show that almost 100% girls in age 16-20 acquainted with taste and action of alcohol and does not see a fit categorically to give up him. Herein a certain role is played by next factors: unwillingness to be distinguished and remain out of collective of coevals, dread to be the ununderstood, «white crow», «outmoded», «mother daughter», easy availability of alcohol, thirst of confession and etc. Unfortunately, cases are not uncommon, when here such false psychological values gradually suck in girl in quagmire of drunkenness, pettiness and amorality, from that single-handed she not able to get out.

Most teenagers, including girls, do not go along than episodic, sometimes cleanly symbolic tests of swizzles on domestic holidays and in the circle of coevals. In future they can refuse and from it or stopped for the traditionally accepted system episodic, on some confessedly occasions, comparatively the rare use of swizzles in small doses. Some part of young people drinks more often, than majority, but also stopped, when productive or domestic position changes.

Patients by alcoholism, including women, is ordinary those, whom sense of moral cleanness, woman dignity, independence, fundamentalness was not educated for, to responsibility for the acts, and simply to the carefulness. It is persons with the active positive setting on an alcohol, perceived from alcoholic parents, or without sufficient moral and psychological stability to negative influences of surrounding, including unhappy coevals.

The increasing alcoholizing is fastened in the groups of teenagers appearing on the basis of certain, including alcoholic, interests, on the mechanisms of imitation, stimulation («for bravery»), suppression of sense of shame, overcoming of internal conflict and т. of д. The researchers of early woman alcoholism mark that girls have mainly two types of reason of alcoholizing:
         1) adaptive - on purpose to enter the group of meaningful persons and hold out in her (more often for unsteady, hysterical by the nature girls);
         2) non-adaptive - for diminishing of negative emotional influence of conflict, difficult situations.

To be continued...

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