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Features of woman alcoholism (part 2)

Girls and women that practise upon an alcohol in the beginning are not the active instigators of drinking-bouts, but also unable actively to resist to temptation, passively «go with a stream», being simultaneously ashamed and braving. During 2, 3, 5 alcoholism is fully formed with pathological appetence, loss of quantitative and situatioonal control (lost sense of measure and place), with a shamelessness and underline rudeness, by vulgarity in behavior. By centuries people got used to look at the drunk woman with conviction, loathing, as on something unnatural, and it pushed such women on a drunkenness single or in a narrow circle. However in our time the cases of open drunkenness of women, drunkennesses, became more frequent with bravado.

Drunk woman

One of features of woman alcoholism is speed-up his development, more rapid and noticeable decline of will, fineness and differentiated of the emotional experiencing, aesthetic, ethic and moral options. Interests acquire base, animal character cleanly, sense of anxiety and caring disappears about children and near, about prosperity of family and businesses on a production. In the picture of hangover syndrome the depressed lines are frequent with suicidal attempts and in a state of intoxication are hysterical forms of behavior with a defiant laughter, cynical jokes, by sexual behavior, by an aggressiveness and etc.

A patient with alcoholism woman is yet more dangerous, than drinking man, because she violates all domestic mode fully, disfigures the souls of children. Notedly, that in such families children become alcoholics yet more often.

A picture and flow of woman alcoholism to a great extent depend on age, education, profession, psychological description and moral look. Girls and young women, educated in families with hard moral principles and busy at interesting for them studies or work, they value that, can drop into in alcoholizing, only being long time in the «alcoholically-emancipated» group. Such cases we had to look after repeatedly. Often they on own initiative apply for medical help. After consultation with a specialist, realizing the danger of increasing pathological appetence to the alcohol, they, as a rule, independently, accepting the recommended medications, try to overcome him. Most patients succeed to obtain it, especially in the first stage of alcoholism.

Girls with psychical and moral instability in a to the alcoholic environment become alcoholics quickly, recklessly and beyond retrieve, without the decisive setting on treatment. A consent to treatment is given, as a rule, under constraint circumstances (threat of bringing in to the forced treatment and etc.), behave it is passive to him, formally, efficiency of treatment is subzero therefore. Psychological position for them remains very difficult - after an extract from narcological or psychiatric permanent establishment they get in a former domestic and productive situation with the same friends and acquaintances that expose to the mockeries and doubts sense of the conducted treatment. This test and alcoholic temptation many patients do not maintain, begin to drink.

To be continued...

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