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Features of woman alcoholism (part 3)

Some patients act on treating for alcoholism arising up already after 50, it is though accepted to consider that in this age alcoholism does not develop. It is ordinary be single women, or those that does not have normal relationships with the adult children, using swizzles and before.

Treating for alcoholism

Such women are materially provided, but they are very heavy morally, therefore alone or with the same be single acquaintance they begin to drink all more often and more often up to the origin of the real alcoholism (during 2-3). Mushroom growth of imbecility is characteristic - sharply memory and quick wits, criticism, fall to the state, will to recovery from alcoholism. These patients in a commonunication with other are vulgar, cynical, with rude and obscene jokes. Look considerably older than the years. For them rapid growth of violations is marked cardiovascular and nervous systems, up to the state of the expressed pneumocardial insufficiency, alcoholic imbecility with alcoholic polienevrites.

Women acting on treating for alcoholism. usually have very pitiful original appearance. They are careless in appearance, slipshod in clothes, rough, vulgar, without the signs of shyness, femininity. The their intellectual devastated, poverty, primitiveness of interests and desires, some repellent bareness of animal instincts, indifference to the future, absence of creative aspirations strikes. Majority from them makes impression people of going down, weak-willed, deprived the future, not able to fight for itself, thus such states develop considerably quicker, than for men for them, and considerably more difficult respond to treatment.

It is special characteristic for elderly women, that does not have the active aspiring to recovery from alcoholism from loneliness, sense of abandonment and absence of any prospect of further life. They sometimes confess that if felt from the side of native and near though some personal interest in their fate, if there was someone, who needed their help, then would try to take oneself in hand, to get rid from this vice.

More young patients not abandoning hope unlike elderly to arrange the personal life, more often without murmur and even with a large hunt treat oneself from alcoholism. In these cases a decision role is played by realization of increasing danger, fear before the possible falling, finally, instinct of biological and social self-preservation. Certainly, an important value has the own understanding of patients, that retreating already nowhere farther, that rescue - in complete abandonment from swizzles. Treatment of such patients usually appears highly effective.

To be continued...

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