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Features of woman alcoholism (part 4)

Many researchers mark that for the women of the stage of alcoholism in general shorter.

Beginning of alcoholism

As is generally known, alcoholism is subdivided into 3 stages: 1th - asthenic (decline of physical and psychical capacity, making more frequent of consumption of alcohol and growth of bearableness of alcohol, id est stability to the amount of the had a drink alcohol, loss of quantitative control, development of psychical appetence as obtrusive ideas about a drinking-bout, origin of necessity to take a drink the morning after to and other); 2th stage - narkomanic (high bearableness of alcohol, loss of control after an amount had a drink and account of situation, an origin of the hard drinking, pathological psychical and physical appetence to the alcohol, syndrome of абстиненции, is a pathological necessity to take a drink the morning after, a decline of criticism, change of personality is sharpening of unfavorable characteric lines and etc.); 3th stage - entselopatic, id est organic alcoholic defeat of cerebrum (expressed psychical and physical pathological appetence to the alcohol, abstinent syndrome, loss of all types of control, decline of tolerance to the alcohol, alcoholic degradation of personality as an emotionally ethic becoming rough, disappearances domestic and public connections, high excitability with aggressive tendencies, rough cynicism and etc.).

For patients alcoholism are increasing from the stage to the stage somatic and neurological violations: diseases of liver (fatty dystrophy, hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis), pancreas, digestive tract (gastritis, colitis), cardiovascular system, blood, ductless (sexual and other), nervous system glands.

For the women of the stage of alcoholism shorter, and psychical and physical violations considerably stronger come quicker. Some features are marked. For example, in the 1th stage of alcoholism of woman more than men, apt to hidden to the use of swizzles, many of them undertake efforts independently, to get rid from the vice, because feel that they become his slave gradually. Even acting on treatment concerning a delirium tremens that arises up, as a rule, already in the 2th stage or on passing of her to 3, they frequently persistently deny abuse of alcohol and present necessity to take a drink the morning after. Only in the 3th stage, with the offensive of alcoholic entsefalopatic and degradation of personality, they with cynical frankness talk about the drunkenness. Thus a quickness and weight of coming disintegration of psyche strike: 1-2 ago reasonably reasoning woman at the new entering funny house on treating for alcoholism appears an imbecile (dull mien, vacuous stare, simper, almost inarticulate speech with fragmentary cynical expressions and etc.).

Internalss and nervous system struck comparatively quicker, in 2, especially the increasing signs of hepatocirrhosis, heart and pulmonary failure, disorder of bowels register in the 3th stage and etc. Patients look considerably older than the years: a skin loses the elasticity, pale with a blue tint, muscles flabby, the slenderness of posture, confidence of gait, disappears.

In the 3th stage of alcoholism at entering hospital there are the expressed heart and pulmonary failure, heavy trophic disorders in different organs. For these patients considerably more often death comes from different unheavy somatopathies (infectious and other).

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