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As you understand using of alcohol requires certain financial expenses. But the few estimates the scales of these expenses. You judge:

An alcohol requires money

The litre of light beer costs an approximately 1 dollar in a stall. It is not a secret that most young people are used by swizzles every day, and that it frequently is not closed by one bottle of beer. And these values are doubled and tripled in weekend. In other words it will be spent minimum 20 dollars for a month on beer.

It is further necessary to consider that light snacks are almost always acquired to beer: nuts, squids or fish. The cost of these snacks exceeds the cost of drinking-bout frequently. We will suppose that squids or nuts are acquired to beer which it is needed large pack of them on one litre of beer. One litre of beer costs about 1.5 dollar. Let such snack be acquired twice in a week, so monthly expenses will make about 12 dollars on it.

Total expenses on an alcohol in a month - 32 dollars, and in a year - 384.

Now we will count an income that it would be get without efforts from the economized money.

You put the money economized for 3 months on a currency deposit under 17% annual with monthly addition in a sum 32 dollars (your monthly expenses on an alcohol). we calculate a sum by simple counts that you will get in a year. It will make approximately 500 dollars. Does it impress? Without every efforts from your side.

If to the got sum to add the cost of drinking-bout, which many buy in on the birthday, New Year and other holidays, then these 500 dollars can be bravely doubled, and even triple. In the total, a sum, sufficient for acquisition of поддержаного car, appears suddenly for ten years of life.

Certainly, it is possible yet to make an effort estimate potential harm, inflicted to the health by the use of alcohol, expenses on treatment and others like that, but, in our view, the above-mentioned information must be enough, to compel переосмыслить the way of life of those people which are still able to think soundly.

Calculate, think, decide.

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