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Welcome on site «True about an alcohol»!

Regardless of, whether there are you by a young wife which meets the drunk man under a morning, mother which smelled alcohol from the son-schoolboy, or this schoolboy, we thank you for attention to the alcoholic problem.

Site «True about an alcohol» is called to acquaint you with properties of alcohol, which are intentionally suppressed the producers of swizzles, but which render enormous influence on you personally, your family and your friends, on all of society.

Here you will find answers for such questions:

- why Your husband always finds money on beer, but already a year can not buy a bicycle to the child;
         - what happened in the organism of «in a civilized manner» drinking man;
         - how occasionally drinking parents put propensity to alcoholism in their child from his/her birth;
         - and a lot of other questions…

There are many modern videos and text materials on this site that illuminative scientific and social researches of alcoholic problem. You can download and/or view them.

We will expose a true about an alcohol together!

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