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Daily mass medias try to convince you using swizzles is safety. All of this information is a lie directed on the increase of volumes of realization of alcohol.

An alcohol kills you!

         Lie: To drink «on high days and holidays» or temperate – it is not harmful to one's health.
         True: An ethyl spirit entering in the complement of all of swizzles is a drastic drug on affecting organism. It has an destructive influence upon the all organism and especially on a brain. Also an alcohol unavoidable results in psychical and physical dependence on him.

         Lie: Alcoholics - are going down people which lie in dirt under a fence.
         True: Alcoholic is a man which is patient with alcoholism. Modern medicine distinguishes three stages of alcoholism. More detailed about them you can honour on our site. We will say only one: man, systematic using an alcohol already has the first stage of alcoholism at least. And - he is an alcoholic.

         Lie: Low alcohol drinks (such as beer, cocktails, wine) are less harmful, than strong drinks.
         True: An ethyl spirit enters in the complement of any swizzle, and such swizzle is only the form of his delivery in Your organism. For example: one litre of beer contains neat alcohol as much as one glass of vodka. Will you remember how many beer you drink in a day? In a week? In a month?

Using beer is satiated by a male organism by the vegetable analogues female’s sexual hormones, that it results by forming of womanish type’s figure (fat on thighs, breast, stomach), by weak will and cowardice. For women beer causes endocrine violations which result to sterility, and also, in a number of cases, it is reason of rough voice and appearance of the so-called «beer moustaches».

In addition, beer extremely dangerously for children, because it does not cause protective vomitive reflex and it is a «path» to more hard alcoholic liquors. And beer alcoholism develops in 3-4 times quicker than ordinary.

About wine, it similarly inflicts irreparable harm Your health. Unlike Europeans (Italians, Frenches, Spanishes, Purtugals), having the special enzymes formed by centuries neutralizing toxic influence of alcohol, wine has ruinous influence upon Slavdom (especially above-ground in north part of continent).

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