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Is an alcohol a drug?

In obedience to determination, set forth A. Babayan, by President of commission of UNO on narcotic facilities, by a term narcotic means (drug) it is necessary to name substance, answering three criteria:

An alcohol is a drug!

Medical criterion - a matter is rendered by the specific (stimulant, hallucinogenic and other) affecting nervous system, that can be reason of his unmedical consumption, and also possesses potential to forming of dependence.

Social criterion - the unmedical consumption of matter accepts large scales and harmed gets social meaningfulness.

Legal criterion - a matter is officially acknowledged narcotic and plugged in the list of narcotic facilities.

As we all understand, a legal criterion is abandoned by possibility to continue a production and realization of the same "matter" that possesses properties of drug the producers of alcohol, but for some reason it is not plugged in the list of narcotic facilities. Although in Russia from reasons related to the use of alcohol ten of thousands of persons perish annually, and all of 70-80% murders, robberies and cases of causing of severe bodily harms are accomplished in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

An alcohol is a drug!

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