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Headache, nausea, a weakness is the acquainted feeling, not true? That with you takes place after the use of alcohol, the syndrome of hangover is named. He has a few ярковыраженных signs. We will consider each of them.


Head pain

Every case of the use of alcohol results in education in blood of gluing together of red corpuscles which stop up by itself the shallow vessels of cerebrum, violating, thus his blood supply. As a result of anoxaemia the nervous cages of brain die off. Temperature into a cranium - 37 degrees celsius and lost neurons decompose, poisoning a brain. For the leadingout of toxins an organism is forced to send in a cerebrum an additional liquid surplus of which, and causes headaches.

The systematic use of alcohol sooner or later results in corking of large vessels of cerebrum. There is a hemorrhage in a brain. It is named is a stroke.


An alcohol, getting in an organism, causes the damages of all and singular organs and fabrics. Nausea, it is a signal of hit of poison in a gullet, and vomiting is a protective reaction of organism which, this poison tries thus - to delete an ethyl spirit outside. Thus, nausea is the symptom of the strong poisoning of Your organism.

It is necessary to know that at urges it is not necessary to restrain temper to vomiting (both during the use of alcohol and in a state of hangover). Tearing up the accepted alcohol, you considerably will facilitate work of liver on his neutralization.


As a result of influence of alcohol the blood supply of separate areas of internalss and fabrics is violated. Cages perish and decompose, poisoning an organism. For the conclusion of toxins and providing of normal vital functions of internalss an organism expends the maximum amount of energy and nutritives. All organs and systems work on a wear, causing, thus (girls - listen), quick-ageing of Your organism.

For the facilitation of the state of hangover it is necessary to accept a few pills of absorbent carbon which will take off intoxication of digestive tract, and to drink a more liquid with high maintenance of minerals and vitamin of С (natural orange or cherry juice, salt mineral water without gas). It is needed for renewal of aquatic-salt balance of organism.

If the state of hangover does not pass - cause a doctor!

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