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In this article we will consider those problems, which arise up at conception of child parents, using an alcohol, briefly.

Conception and alcohol are not compatible!

In obedience to the results of long-term researches, for «in a civilized manner» drinking parents a child unavoidable gives birth with one or another physical or psychical rejections which sooner or later will let know about itself (to the allergy, propensities to depressions, imbecility, unstable emotional state, physical deformities et cetera). Why?

For a man...

under act of alcohol mobility of spermatozoa goes down and their underlying inherited structure is damaged, that as a result negatively affects health of future child. Removing noci-influence of alcohol on masculine heredity is possible, only stopping the use of alcohol 4 months prior to the planned conception. For this time an alcohol is abandoned by the organism of man and sperm has time fully to revive.

For a woman...

there is probability of damage of ovules even at the единоразовом use of alcohol, each of which carries genetic information about Your future child. In connection with that in a woman organism the supply of ovules is mortgaged from birth does not brush up, use of alcohol a woman in general impermissible.
      In addition, an alcohol renders the destructive affecting hormonal background of woman, that self on itself complicates conception.


«in a civilized manner» drinking parents at birth on the average possesses less mass of body, by a less height and perceptibly falls behind in development from coevals, born from teetotalers. Such child has the weak immune system and more subject to the different diseases.

But main: a child, born from drinking parents, has innate predisposition to alcoholism. For him protective vomitive reflex is weak and the psychological threshold of stability is mionectic to the first test of alcohol.

Know that conception and alcohol are not compatible!

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