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Why hidden? Because decision about that, to use an alcohol or no, not you accept in most cases. Opinion of friends, traditions, advertising, personal habit. All of it forms an environment which the sober way of life is not welcomed in. Man, refusing to drink, in such surroundings perceived as a «white crow», that yet more complicates conscious hard abandonment from an alcohol. Do you disbelieve?

An alcohol is a threat to your health!

Think, you would be able on wedding of friend to refuse to have a drink glass of champagne or wine for the health of newly-wed/pls? And on поминках for the peace the souls near or friend (not give God) relation?

A next aspect is dependence on an alcohol. Each of us can say that if I will want - I will not use an alcohol. But try not to «want» is a month, two, three. In a month you will begin to begin to think about taste of beer, through two - abundant слюноотделение will begin, and through three is a question about that, whether it is possible to drink an alcohol will be already rhetorical. you will be sure that vial of beer - this ооочень well!

Reason is covered in that an ethyl spirit is a drug and, than longer you use an alcohol, the more difficult to «want» you to give up. Gradually psychical and physical dependence develops on an alcohol.

Can you ask «and why to refuse? In fact it is possible to drink an alcohol on slightly». An answer is simple. Even if to use an alcohol in small amounts, then it however results in dying off of cages of cerebrum (for a few thousand neurons on each 100 gramme of alcohol). Thus, thought, capacity, is lost for work and higher feelings (love, compassion, tenderness, sincere gladness). Personality collapses. Do you disbelieve?

Try once понаблюдать after the friends on a sober head, when those are in a state of easy alcoholic intoxication (for example from the had a drink litre of beer). Pay attention to change of their thought, speech and behavior. Surprisingly, not true?

About all these properties of alcohol a few movies which can be got here (by the way, many alcoholic myths are refuted in them, including about efficiency of alcohol in the prophylaxis of such illness, as atherosclerosis) are recently made.

A conclusion from all сказанного can be only one: if you wish to remain a sober judicious independent man - never use swizzles. Once you will lose control above itself and it can result in the most sorrowful consequences.

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