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Alcoholic psychoses for women

Alcoholic psychoses considerably more often arise up for women with inherited burdened by alcoholism and psychical diseases on a maternal or paternal line, and also for women with psychopathy storage of personality and mentally unsteady.

Hallucinations at an alcoholic psychosis

Some special pictures of alcoholic psychoses for women does not meet. Among acting on treatment in the first time patients prevail with the single, comparatively simple psychotic phenomena - separate visual, auditory, haptic and by other hallucinations (usually in evening time patients begin to see some flashing characters and shadows, hear curses in the address in conversations of surrounding, to feel the crawl of insects and etc. on a body.). It very frightens them and forces at once to apply for medical help.

Repeatedly acting patients have psychonosemas as a rule, more heavy - growing gloomy of consciousness, massive hallucinations (auditory, visual), delirium is marked, corresponding behavior with aggression to the imaginary enemies, pursuers and т. of д. Critical attitude toward illness, as a rule, is not present, therefore hospitalization is produced mainly in the forced order. Here example of such disease.

The patient of 33, education 8 classes, working, was on treatment in a funny house the third time concerning alcoholism and alcoholic psychosis. After the removal of psychotic violations reported that her father and brother are patient with alcoholism, she drinks swizzles from 10-12, takes a drink the morning after from 18-20. It was married, has a son 10, with a husband in a divorce, deprived paternal rights, but lives in one apartment with a former husband and son. Has a conviction for hooliganism, twice treated oneself from a venereal disease. Works as worker on building, lately drinks the hard drinking for 7-10 days. Treated oneself from alcoholism and delirium tremens.

Funny house the dramatic change of the state served entering reason is aggressive behavior from visual and auditory hallucinations. Her it seemed to that she flew in the company of drinking companions, heard threatening voices, that required to kill a son, hang oneself and etc. Was excited, given up with a knife on a son and former husband.

In a hospital after cut short of psychosis was passive, indifferent to itself and son, offered no real plans on the future, not interested in treating for alcoholism. Memory is mionectic, quick wits bad. Remained dull emotionally, indifferent and apathetical. After treatment written without a hope on abstention from the reception of alcohol.

Now and then there are cases of alcoholic delirium of jealousy with aggressive behavior, delirium of pursuit and etc. Some patients after an exit from a psychosis found out the expressed violations of memory, thinking and emotions, were silly, dull, imbecile, incapable even to see to itself.

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