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Reasons of woman alcoholism (part 1)

Engaging of some part of young people in a drunkenness, and then and in alcoholism is this not casual phenomenon, it is not some dying off vestige of the past, and generation of our present domestic way of life, our competition habits and traditions, moral options. Roots that, undoubtedly, harmful habit go away far to the domestic and more wide group customs, in the socio-economic and socially-psychological structure of society. Among general factors, that promote women to alcoholizing and drunkenness, it is impossible not to mention that economically and socially women became independent.

Exchanged a child on a bottle

Arising up on this basis some psychological options (competition and etc.) especially spreading among young people in the last decades resulted in the row of negative consequences. Actually equality of rights on occasion affected in ignoring of the woman beginning in a woman, specificity of woman organism, his biological pre-appointed to reproducing of posterity, his physiological weakness in force, to endurance of physical activities, features of woman psychology (to higher emotionality, for example).

Equality of rights and some scientists understand by mistake. So, economist A. Vishnevsky marks that limitation of reduction of birth of children «serves to one of the most serious pre-conditions of authentic emancipation of woman, her real equality of rights with a man, her high economic and social mobility, comprehensive development of her personality», that «frequent maturing, birth, rearing of children, the care of them is limited by the circle of interests of woman, possibilities of her participating in a public production and public life, her role in family». According to his opinion, the «professional functions of women enter into contradiction with their maternal functions, that hampers implementation both, hinders to the achievement of complete actual equality of rights of woman and man». Such statement actually invocatory to limitation of maternal function of women matching against her publicly-productive duties, authentic equality is seen in implementation of that, we consider incorrect and harmful.

Combination of similar psychological options with insufficient material material well-being and absence of favourable housing terms is one of principal reasons of instability of young families, large number of broad patterns, childlessness, protracted single way of life of many young men and women (at youth, as a rule, there is not a separate accommodation and subzero salary), and the unsettled state of the personal life and sense of loneliness quite often conduce to alcoholizing, smoking and even doing drug.

Persistent claim of equality of rights or emancipations in this question in some articles of the periodic printing anymore look like matching against of women men with all effluent from here negative consequences. At such «publicly-productive» estimation of role of woman love, friendship, mutual help and other psychological factors on the basis of that family and her prosperity are built, is actually happy.

Women quite often work on different responsible positions, are even busy at manual labour. As a result of it a new type appeared of woman - imperious, hard, irreconcilable to the remarks and criticism, selfish, manlike. At heavy masculine and joint with men work they become rough the soul, speech, behavior and habits, lose femininity and sense of bashfulness, equally with men smoke and drink swizzles. The overload of women oppresses productive and public duties for them the maternal feelings, ousts sense of responsibility for the fate of the children.

With economic and social independence of women such, extremely negative phenomenon, as instability of young families, high-frequency of broad patterns, sharp increase of number of be single mothers trying then though as to arrange the personal life, is constrained in some measure. Sense of loneliness, personal unsettled state, casual acquaintances and sexual connections, is often accompanied by smoking and drinking-bouts, thus in presence a child for that in course of time such behavior becomes the norm of life.

To be continued...

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