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Reasons of woman alcoholism (part 2)

Lately very much became be single women (30 to and a bit older). Materially they, as a rule, well provided, independent, but sense of loneliness and unsettled state of the personal life oppresses, scotches the soul. Well if work fully satisfies and is interesting fascinations, then feeling of plenitude of life is saved. The hotshot, at times thoughtless attempts of «device of the personal life» are otherwise done with external recklessness of behavior, bravado, drinking-bouts and etc.

Woman is an alcoholic

In many countries, including in our, emancipation of women was accompanied by taking off many before existing for them embargoes, including on the use of swizzles. Religious prohibitions disappeared. But, unfortunately, did not appear durable enough traditions of sobriety and new moral options. Work of women in before being considered masculine professions as though compared them and in the use alcoholic, in smoking.

Presently boys and girls are brought up mainly by women, psychologically almost identically and even with setting on leadership of women in all spheres of life. Takes place that is why children conduct the bulk of time in preschool establishments and at school, where their education and educating women engage in almost only, and the houses of father frequently see only on week ends, and that he have some urgent businesses, because men nevertheless objectively more than time busy on a production and social work, than women.

Unfortunately, there was a situation, when most parents are busy at education of mainly stranger children (at school, institution of higher learning, at work and etc.), and on it there is neither time nor patience. As a result we see if not neglect, then obvious insufficient breeding, by especially masculine influence, masculinization (becoming rough, vulgarity of behavior) of many girls and feminism for youths. The removal of sexual psychological distinctions in forming of personality and education of girls and boys resulted not only in the increase of independence of girls and women but also boldness in regard to alcoholizing and smoking. To it the examples of free, without embarrassment, visit testify girls, even without men, restaurants and bars, that became the ordinary phenomenon today, and also making more frequent of defiant forms of behavior of girls in public places and etc. Very often enter psychiatric clinic on the inspection of girl 15-18 that in the drunk state cut to itself hands, take poison medications and poison after conflicts with friends or parents. Behavior in a clinic is often frank defiant, abandoned.

By reason of distribution of drunkenness and alcoholism in recent year steel to count such consequences of scientific and technical progress, as increase of number and variety of difficult professions, difficult situations with enhanceable responsibility and emotion tension, physical and psychical overloads, defiant the states of nonadaptation. There are even statements in foreign literature, that wherein in such terms does not use swizzles or drugs, higher cardiovascular and neuropsychic morbidity. However for such statements there are sufficient grounds.

The workers of some emotionally tense professions, leading workers, drink swizzles really more often, but not all, and only more weak and mentally unsteady. Much harm caused the different post receptions of inspectors checking, attended with the use of alcoholic, endless toasts and wishes. Gradually the use of swizzles stood usual not only men but also women. However this alcoholizing in any way can not be added on the inevitable consequences of scientific and technical progress, to necessary facilities of the emotional discharging, to the prophylactic measures of neuropsychic and cardiovascular diseases.

Thus to the substantial social factors by a stimulant an origin for the women of predilection for swizzles, it is possible to take economic and social independence with wrong psychological options, forms of behavior, by attitude toward customs, domestic duties and education of children, unsettled state of the personal life, loneliness, chance of intimate connections, work in spheres requiring large physical and psychical tension.

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