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Influence of social environment

It is known that anymore drink wherein swizzles are easily accessible, where to their use belong encouragingly or indifferently. But reasons of this phenomenon much more serious lie considerably deeper.

Influence of social environment on children

In particular, scientific researches showed the last years, that the first use of wine or beer by youths and girls is not beginning of development of alcoholic behavior, and practical action, realization of the already formed internal positive attitude toward alcoholizing and alcoholic ritual. Children see from early years, that swizzles traditionally accompany to all life, all momentous events, domestic and productive commonunication of people, they come forward as means of establishment of contacts between people and decision of some questions. All of it takes place on eyes children, on a certain emotional background, predetermining the origin of certain psychological options and motivation of behavior.

Positive or negative attitude toward swizzles and kef begins to be folded in early child's years under influence of corresponding alcoholic behavior of father, mother, elder brother or senior sister, senior comrades. This attitude toward alcoholic behavior (positive, negative, indifferent, realized or unrealized) is inalienable part of the social becoming and general structure of personality. Quite often girls and boys of preschool or early school age meet with taste of swizzles, there are cases of the active attaching of teenagers to their use and etc.

Adults rarely begin to think of by the consequences of the alcoholic behavior in presence children and involuntarily create a that general psychological background that assists a transmission to the children, from a generation in a generation, alcoholic traditions. In the process of height children master experience of elders, character of behavior and emotional reactions of those surrounding persons, that is most meaningful, favourites and respected. Child unconsciously, as a sponge, absorbs the psychological atmosphere of mutual relations in family, acquires skills of acts and behavior. Every day having before itself an example of adorable man (father, mother of and other), he is penetrated by a desire to be alike, the same, childly exaggeratedly copying not only his gestures, gait, expressions, but also attitude toward other people, to the swizzles, to life in general. Swingeing majority of young people, maturing, does not become on the way of the reckless alcoholizing, and conduct the normal way of life.

Engaging of some part of young people in a drunkenness, and then and in alcoholism is this not casual phenomenon, it is not some dying off vestige of the past, and generation of our present domestic way of life, our concrete habits and traditions, moral options.

From us, parents, depends in a great deal, whether there will be a child to use an alcohol, when will grow, or will remain a sober healthy man for life.

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