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Sport and alcohol

There is a great number of people holding to opinion that the small doses of alcohol are not harmful, even useful. To my surprise, among these defenders of alcohol there are quite a bit young people, carrying with sport, which assert that an alcohol helps them to be weakened after trainings. But they can be understood. Really does a young man in the prime of life can give up evening glass of wine in a restaurant or vial of beer in the company of friends? In fact by efforts of advertising, the use of alcohol was done the inalienable attribute of «beautiful» rest. Especially as on a morning does not have a headache and does not stitch in a side.

Sport and alcohol are incompatible!

Let us make an attempt understand independently, how compatible moderate use of alcohol with a health on the whole and by employments by sport in particular?

So, are the consequences of the use of alcohol which for a healthy man in the cut of the sporting trainings?

At the use of any dose of alcohol we look after the followings symptoms:

1. Decline of speed of reaction and worsening of co-ordination of motions of man.
      As you understand, at engaged in those types of sport, where on a reaction and co-ordination of motions life of sportsman depends sometimes, an alcohol is not simply undesirable, he is extremely dangerous. Especially it concernes the cycle racing, mountaineering, playing types of sport and etc.

2. Decline of endurance.
      This symptom does not threaten life, however does all of your sporting travails practically senseless. An alcohol, being in blood, hinders a synthesis and use of hepatin, original contingency fuel of organism is used in muscles at the physical loadings. That as a result of training you do not achieve at a togo limit, when your organism begins to achieve at new heights and become more hardy.

3. Dehydration.
      The decline of supplies of liquid in an organism extremely negatively influences on all without exception organs and systems. Blood begins to thicken and a heart works in the mode of the enhanceable loading, that to 40 years old can result in chronic cardiac insufficiency (if, certainly, to be keen an alcohol systematic).

4. Deceleration of muscle growth.
      Use of alcohol befor or after training sharply worsens the sporting results of sportsman, because he hampers work of liver yet. And a liver, in same part, diminishes making of special amino acid which are used for the synthesis of albumens for growth of muscle mass. That is an alcohol brings to nothing all of your efforts in the power trainings. And a liver suffers.

As see, sport and alcohol are concepts incompatible. In order that it to understand not necessarily to study medical literature. It is enough to call the good sense for help.

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