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Principles of treatment of alcoholism for women

Principles of treatment of women and men, being ill alcoholism and alcoholic psychoses, are identical. If a patient acts with an alcoholic psychosis, then first of all take measures for the removal of violations of consciousness, hallucinations, delirium, excitation. It is executed, as a rule, in the conditions of permanent establishment. At the same time and in subsequent enter the medications, sent to the removal of violations of liver cardiovascular and other systems, disintoxication (moving away of toxic foods of the broken metabolism as consequence/pls of chronic alcoholic intoxication) and common strengthening of all functions of organism. Only after it conduct temperance treatment with forming of disgust for swizzles and unbearableness of them.

Treatment of alcoholism is a way to freedom!

After an exit from a psychosis and at entering hospital with the diagnosis of alcoholism of woman often renounce temperance treatment, persistently denying abuse of alcohol and presence of pathological appetence to him. It is necessary to spend quite a bit forces, to convince them of necessity of such treatment, otherwise at once after an extract there is a relapse of disease with the repeated hospitalization.

Stability of therapeutic effect below for women, they quicker proceed in the use of swizzles, because emotionally anymore depend on an unfavorable surrounding situation, for them volitional processes (by the way, the accumulation of the negative experiencing, decline of capacity for rational permission of conflict situations and arising up here depression, many scientists consider one of principal reasons of woman drunkenness and alcoholism) are before violated. The course of treatment must be full therefore maximally and protracted. After an extract a help is necessarily needed in socially-labour adaptations and rehabilitation - in renewal of social connections, employment, because the developing in the period of illness pathological changes of character and highly emotional (emotional) instability in earnest interfere with it.

We are not inclined pessimistically to estimate efficiency of treatment of alcoholism and alcoholic psychoses for women, especially in the first and second the stages. Bad results (rapid beginning of the use of swizzles) are observed, as a rule, then, when hurry with an extract from permanent establishment, going under the thumb of patient. Some doctors solicitations about an extract by mistake estimate as a sign of absence of criticism and understanding of illness, as sign of alcoholic degradation of personality, considering that treatment will not be effective. But most patients try somewhat quicker to break from the walls of hospital for mental diseases from sense of shame - doctors quite often on them look with a contempt, it is treated with an irritation, expressing dissatisfaction, and an auxiliary personnel slights them. They are ashamed and unpleasant. At a kind, attentive relation they gladly treat oneself and give candid assertions, that will not drink anymore.

At home women need good support necessarily, employment by something necessary, important and interesting, ousting sense of loneliness, senselessness of life. Psychotherapy preparation to overcoming of difficulties, confidence in itself, involvement to of general utility business is sharply promoted positive effect of temperance treatment. And a natural woman bashfulness herein appears the real helper. Women in such cases are able to show an enormous will-power.

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