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Video about harm of alcohol (part 5)

Video of the lecture Vladimir Zhdanov of sobriety, read on the forum of the combined company Faberlic.
Video of the annual All-Russian festival "Sober Russia". Roller created society activists "Sober Samara" in 2012 year.
The plot of Ren sober race activists "Sober Don".
Video about the tournament "Strong Hands" organized Obninsk branch of the Union struggle for people's sobriety.
Social video about the importance of mutual aid - "Chain of Life", shot by a team of activists MaS Production.
Video of sobriety lesson for pupils of elementary school classes.
The experience of family life without alcohol with specific examples.
Telecast "Alcoholism - a life without a future".
Telecast "Children drunkenness". Uninvented stories.
Vodka. History of the All-Russian feast.
Cognitive video lecture "Moderate alcohol consumption. Benefit or harm?"
Another film about the true causes of alcohol addiction "Secrets manipulation. Alcohol."
"Alcohol and motherhood" - how alcohol affects the parents conception, development and health of children?
"Bitter truth about beer" - as beer affect human health?
"About the dangers of vodka" - what constitutes vodka really?
Record TV program "Walk in our".

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