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Why do people drink? Version of social psychologist.

Why people, knowing the great number of examples of heavy consequences of the use of alcohol and drugs, repeatedly testing it on itself, however come running to them? Moreover, quite often take serious hazards, violating state prohibitions on their making, acquisition and use. Answering these questions is unsimple, although many state husbands, officials and employees of law enforcement authorities, until now are convinced, that for the decision of all problems there is the enough toughening of prohibitions and punishments.

We will overcome a drunkenness!

Presumably, the root of evil is covered deeper - in some socio-economic and psychological factors of our life. First of all, it is necessary to mark that a man (at least, at majority) has not only reason and knowledge but also soul (emotions and feelings) - feeling, experiencing, vulnerable, not standing emptiness, deception, indifference and humiliation, suffering a conscience and sense of guilt.

Fortunately or to the hoodoo, but heartfelt pangs and heartfelt gusts far not always yield to reasons of reason. A man does not succeed to be likened to the programed automat, callous robot, all his businesses and acts are accompanied by the emotional experiencing being conceived as early as babyhood. The most good appeals, interesting work, enthralling commissions and most well-organized way of life, can bore him, if monotony and formalism are felt in all of it, - he has an insuperable necessity to be distracted, shake oneself from everything, test something a new, interesting.

From one side, the old customs habits and methods of rest and discharging, mostly related to the reception of alcohol, suffice above a man, and on the other hand, more interesting replacement he does not get frequently, and not all another are accessible to, more useful and usually more expensive methods of distraction, entertainment and rest (sporting games, trips, visit of health centers and etc.). Until now yet many people do not see more deserving replacement to the swizzles, are ashamed to host without them.

It is needed to mark that the self use of swizzles, drunkenness and alcoholism, can not be examined in tearing away from an existent moral climate and way of life of people, level of culture, самодисциплины and order in family and at work, material welfare and etc. Alcoholic customs and drunkenness is not simply vestiges of the past, they and now lean against group and public traditions and individually-psychological options conditioned by them as socially-psychological and socio-economic terms of life and labour activity of people. From them to get rid, not only educational measures but also drastic alternations are needed in the field of culture, way of life, improvement of socio-economic status of population.

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