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Woman alcoholism. Look of social psychologist.

Undoubtedly, to the drunkenness and alcoholism the origin of a number of the negative social phenomena is directly related. The use of swizzles is principal reason of public, hooligan acts, raping, causing of bodily harms and other offences, many transport incidents, accidents and etc. nuisance.

Woman alcoholism is a threat for society

A direct and indirect social, economic, moral and medical damage from alcoholism is extraordinarily great, however he immeasurably increases at the account of woman alcoholism, that entails not only a direct damage to the health as alcoholism, alcoholic psychoses, alcoholic diseases of liver, heart and other internalss, but also worsening of heredity and health of future generations, disorganizations of family and т. of п. Responsibility of women here more considerable and specific.

The unfavorable consequences of woman alcoholism became far more serious and more dangerous in our time, in the century of the scientific and technical progress, attended with the acceleration of rates of life and complication of interpersonality relations, increase of the neuropsychic loading and psychoemotion tension. Women appeared engaged practically in all spheres of modern life and simultaneously accountable for the way of life of family, prosperity of children, although physiological they possess less, than men, by physical and psychoemotion stability and endurance. The use of alcohol, weakening the nervous system, puts them in yet more critical terms, increases the risk of origin of different diseases, including alcoholic, and a drinking woman is a source of disorganization of family and productive collective, injury of health of children.

It is set that alcoholism as illness for women can develop in any age, but formed, unlike men, quicker and during more short time after the beginning of drunkenness. The most risk of transformation of domestic drunkenness in alcoholism is marked early in life, mainly in 30-50, and the risk of disease is most high after 40. For some women the most dangerous period for development of alcoholism is age 59 from 50 to.

Age of forming of alcoholism for women, as well as for men, on our supervisions, can be different and determined by the row of factors: by характерологическими features, state of the nervous system, by attitude toward the consumption of swizzles in family and in the group of near people, by the psychological options of surrounding, availability of swizzles and т. of д. Presently alcoholism is exposed for the women of any age: juvenile, youth, young, mature, elderly. We had to treat girls 14-15 with considerable bias to the alcohol. However the fully formed alcoholism for girls-teenagers we did not look after, it is ordinary brief juvenile alcoholizing ceasing after a care from a bad company. But, undoubtedly, the danger of development of alcoholism in such cases is very high. Women act older 50-55 with the alcoholism formed already after a care on a pension. Consequently, age does not have a decision value in the origin of alcoholism for women.

Anyway, to both the girls and women, and the ladies of on the wrong side of thirty are better to restrain from the use of alcohol. If possible - quite.

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